Use liveview and have api endpoints as well

I have a mid sized phoenix app(v1.3) used as an api server. I have two frontend apps in react and a ios and android app.

When I upgrade to phoenix v1.5, I want to be using livview because maintaing two separate frontend apps is very time consuming. Plus liveview makes it so easy to do what i am doing with react. I have a lot of realtime feature in it.

But if i start using liveview, how should i architect my code so that my android and ios apps can still consume the api???

If you want to do native mobile app you have to do separate API for it. Other solution is to make LiveView app mobile friendly and embed that into what is called hybrid Android/iOS app. That means you would run LiveView that is mobile friendly inside an app in a web-view and it will communicate with native app to do native notifications etc. But that will mean that app will not work offline.