User action recording software that formats data intended for ML

I don’t have more than a cursory understanding of ML, but I am curious if their are any free libraries designed to track GUI users actions (The actions…not the “user” i.e. clicks, movement etc) and format the data in a way that is complimentary for use in ML projects.

Ideally the goal is to track user actions, dump the data into a magic box and see if it can be used to anticipate actions and make suggestions

A front end JS library that can work with a simple, user created custom API is ideal (unless their is something even simpler)

This isn’t a serious project, I’m asking out of curiosity to learn what’s available. The simpler the better.

I feel like the most reasonable thing to do with this question was to ask Chat GPT-4: GUI Action Tracking Library :smiley:

On a more serious note:

Can you define what you mean here?

I was trying to distinguish the recording of user actions on a site (to create better UI) from following users across the web with cookies etc.

“User tracking” is usually a phrase that is associated with the latter description and is not the version I have any use for