Using edeliver with link sys config

I deployed my Elixir app with edeliver/distillery using a different sys.config for hosts as described here. One important info that I didn’t find is how to activate the distillery plugin for the link sys strategy.

I think that we need to add to the wiki page some info about it. Something like this:

Use different configurations on different deploy hosts.

To use different configurations on different production / staging hosts, you
can either:

  • link the sys.config
    by setting the env LINK_SYS_CONFIG=/path/to/sys.config in the .deliver/config
  • or even more flexible by linking the vm.args by setting the env
    LINK_VM_ARGS=/path/to/vm.argsin the .deliver/config

If you use this feature remember to add Releases.Plugin.LinkConfig plugin to rel/config.exs file.


release :your_app_name do
  set version: current_version(:your_app_name)
  plugin Releases.Plugin.LinkConfig

Linking the sys.config should be __sufficient …

What do you think?