Using Mnesia to coordinate game state to multiple devices

I have a question related to this earlier post I made (so read the details from that):

Do you think Mnesia would be a good fit to synchronise the game state between devices over WiFi (assuming WiFi is reliable)? For example the player devices need to know which players are on their side and which players are disabled so they are not tagged by “dead” players. The latency should be low enough to not be noticed during gameplay. So that when you tag someone, you can see that they are tagged at that moment and not a second later.

If not, what do you think should be used instead?

Serious timing is not required so if two players tag each other it’s not a problem, but can there be consistency issues? I’ve understood that Mnesia has atomic transactions, but will it lead to too big of a latency (this is all on a low-latency LAN WiFi)?