Using umbrella projects to split free/paid "modules"?

I’m trying to think how it would work with an elixir/phoenix application that could support both free -as in part of the app- and paid addon modules.

I don’t have anything in mind, just as a general thought really.

Umbrella apps are probably not the way, but has anyone done this before?

I definitely would not tie code organization to pricing logic. What’s free today may become paid for tomorrow and vice versa.

There is definitely an argument to be made for encoding business domain logic in the code, that’s definitely true. But pricing is a very fickle thing to organize code around.


Very true, perhaps I should have phrased it differently; enabling features / modules (that could be quite large) without bundling it all together?

Are you selling the code base itself? Or do you have a hosted SAAS style platform where different customers get different features with in that?


Sell cryptographic certificates that turn features on and off. In this way it might be possible to support both SAAS and on-prem deployments.

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I don’t have anything at all at the moment, this was more a thought process at the beginning :slight_smile:

Ideally on-premise I think.

That’s an interesting idea, bundle it all up so all the code is there, but use a certificate/licence key to enable/disable featuers … it’s been so long since I’ve bought any software that I’d forgotten all about licence keys to activate features :sweat_smile:

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Yeah. It ought to be possible to duplicate any pricing model you see with SAAS. Subscriptions, free trials, discounts, monthly vs annual billing, tiered service levels, etc. etc.