Validatex - library for validating input forms

Hello everyone,

We’ve just finished (me and @smita) the Validatex library for Phoenix + Live View.

Thanks to Live View you can make a validation per input form and also define own validator functions. Play with a demo or look at to the code of demo.

Any comments, improves, criticism… are welcome. Have a nice day guys!


Just small info, due to licensing you need to license your tests on GPL (PropCheck is GPL licensed as PropEr is GPL licensed).


Thanks for sharing for this useful library.
2 small things, in the demo :

  • Name field : “at most” and “at least” are inverted.
  • Surname : if you enter a surname longer than 5 characters, you don’t have the warning.

Thanks @hauleth, I didn’t know that… We’ll fix it asap.

Mea culpa, thank you @imartinat for checking demo. The errors are in validators (module). We’ll fix it.