Verbose Error Messages

Hi all!

Whenever I compile my project with some error (let’s say, an extra parentheses somewhere hidden in my code) I receive the following error message:

== Compilation error in file test/integration/end_user_sync/success_test.exs ==
** (ArgumentError) argument error

I receive this same error message for most syntactical issues. This does not seem very verbose, and when there is a stray parentheses it makes it difficult to find since there are no line numbers. Is there a way to have more verbose error messages?

I’ve tried changing my Elixir version (currently on 1.9.2) and things like running tests with --trace but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated,

I’m definitely finding errors being much lighter on details than in the past, coming back to Elixir after a few months. Has much changed about Elixir/Erlang that error messages don’t have as much trace detail? I’m on 1.10.4 OTP 23 as well.

Try using this logger config:

config :logger, truncate: :infinity
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So the issue I was having came from using asdf to manage Elixir/Erlang versions. I resolved this by reinstalling an older version of Erlang through HomeBrew. Also removed deps and build artifacts and recompiled my project.

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That was it! Though I just reinstalled both erlang and elixir through asdf after updating the plugins.