Verifying webhook for Paddle

Hello !

I’m trying to implement my own webhook verification function for paddle but I’m stuck at the step of SHA1 verification.

I’m trying to translate JS code from this repo example to Elixir:

The file: verify-paddle-webhook/index.js at 9f7d9d3cf8afe6ba28724496f26ecad165992202 · daveagill/verify-paddle-webhook · GitHub

The test file: verify-paddle-webhook/index.test.js at master · daveagill/verify-paddle-webhook · GitHub

I really struggle to understand the :crypto module documentation in Erlang.

Can anyone help ?

Hey there. I recently wrote a Twitter thread about that. Maybe this helps?

Here is probably the part you are most interested in. Validating the paddle hook in paddle_signature.ex:


Indeed ! It really helped me solve my problem !

Thanks a lot !!!

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