Vex validate w anon. function: cannot inject attribute @vex_validations into function/macro because cannot escape #Function

I am replying to your questions in this post:

Point - 1) Anonymous functions, captured functions, etc - covered in previous post. & operator creates anonymous functions in cases 3, 4 like expanding short form anonymous functions defined using &() or &{} or &[] and partially applying functions - As you are modifying second parameter of the Test.test function using Map.get - it will create an anonymous function (see example capture_5) .

Point - 3) True

validates() macro is expanded before __before_compile__ , but it appears lexically in the bottom of the file (till here - was in that sense). Anonymous function assignment to a module attribute directly or indirectly does not cause error. Module attributes are available only during compile time - any usage of module attribute with anonymous function in a func/macro will cause compiler error - in this case __before_compile__ is causing error.

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