VP of Engineering, Remote, United States

Introductory paragraph

Who we are.

We are a small and passionate team working to eliminate inefficiency and financial waste in the world of healthcare staffing. We’re transparent. We’re nimble. We’re always learning. And we’re having a ton of fun along the way.

Why we’re here.

Kamana was born out of the personal frustration one of our founders experienced throughout his nursing career. Having spent more than a decade working in dozens of hospitals across the country, John witnessed first-hand how repetitive processes and inefficient technology results in missed opportunities and financial waste for him and his employers.

What we do.

We build user-centric, feedback-driven software for the healthcare staffing industry. Currently focused on travel nursing and allied health, we enable healthcare workers to manage their credentials and careers from a single place and staffing agencies to hire and collaborate with the workforce far more efficiently.

About us

My name: Amanda
My position: Talent Acquisition Manager
Company name: Kamana
Website: https://www.kamanahealth.com
Country: United States
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

Who you are.

You are a technology enthusiast and a natural leader. You have a proven track record of directing and scaling engineering teams. You are comfortable leading distributed teams and hiring talented engineers to help achieve the mission and vision of the company. You find excitement in providing technical guidance, inspiring and empowering teams, and mentoring junior, mid-level, and senior engineers. And in doing so, you are empathetic, resourceful, creative, and constantly think outside of the box.

You are a player-coach and find happiness scaling an Engineering team, but also enjoy getting into the details when needed to lead your team to success. You can create and execute a robust strategic vision while also ideating with your peers and direct reports in front of a whiteboard. You can effectively assess multiple priorities to determine quick wins and strategic initiatives. You are committed to setting and achieving audacious goals and leading cross-functional team members along for the journey.

What you’ll do.

Since our founding in 2019, the Kamana team has grown exponentially to help more than 140,000 healthcare professionals and hundreds of healthcare employers more effectively navigate the world of healthcare staffing.

As the VP of Engineering and leader of the Engineering team, you will work directly with our co-founder/President to set the strategic direction of our team. You will be a part of the executive team leading the way in delivering a world-class healthcare staffing platform.

You will be managing high expectations from key stakeholders and communicating effectively to achieve alignment while you evaluate competing priorities and opportunities. To accomplish this, you will do things like:

  • Establish, execute, and achieve Kamana’s technical vision by hitting milestones in strategic alignment with business objectives and growth goals
  • Collaborate closely with Product, Design, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales (and Kamana’s customers and end-users) to define development priorities and manage delivery timelines
  • Motivate a passionate Engineering team by providing clear direction, removing obstacles, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and providing management and technical oversight
  • Establish a technical roadmap while balancing the needs and priorities of internal and external stakeholders, including balancing feature development and technical debt
  • Oversee and be responsible for DevOps, Architecture, and Infrastructure across all of Kamana’s products and platforms, along with platform security
  • Drive data-centric engineering culture by defining clear KPIs for your team, tracking them, and measuring success
  • Establish engineering practices and processes to meet quality and regulatory standards
  • Stay on top of technology trends and developments
  • Manage an engineering budget

Experimentation is frequent at Kamana. Comfortability with being uncomfortable is a must.

About the job

Job title: VP of Engineering
Job description:
Salary range: $225,000+
Position on remote work: Remote
Qualifications or experience required:
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

What you’ve done before.

You have proven experience as an engineering leader in a successful fast-moving company building SaaS platforms where the company has grown rapidly and successfully as a result of your contribution. Along the way, you have:

  • Gained comprehensive experience building complex technical solutions across a variety of different architectures (e.g., Elixir and Phoenix or Ruby on Rails)
  • Working knowledge of Elixir and Phoenix and willingness to dive in and understand the business impacts that the technology can unlock and continue to steer that technical direction
  • Developed strong relationship skills, with experience as a member of a senior Executive Management team as well as interacting with C-level customers
  • Been hands-on with recruiting, managing, structuring, and up-skilling software engineers and engineering teams
  • Comfort overseeing multiple engineering teams and conceptualizing new product features while weighing the customer, business, and engineering needs
  • Deep experience with product planning and delivery
  • Fostered a culture of shipping early and often, team autonomy, and fast feedback

It’d be cool if you’ve done this.

Experience in healthcare SaaS and/or the HealthTech industry will get you to the top of the list. Having been on the ground floor of a fast-growing startup with a desire to repeat this journey may also set you apart from other candidates, but it is not required as long as you are up for the challenge!

About the interview process

We have a three-step process where each candidate gets to meet with different members of the Kamana team and learn more about the role and ask questions of their own.

Further info

How we work.

Kamana is a remote-first team. We leverage software such as Asana, Slack, and Geekbot to collaborate effectively across time zones, and work however we are the happiest and most productive.

You will typically find us working from the locations where we live, where our current team of thirty-five spans twenty-two States and all US time zones. Prior to COVID-times we met up on occasion for face-to-face collaboration. We plan to resume this and meet up as a team 1-2 times per year when the world comfortably allows it.

We often work 9 to 5 but appreciate the need for flexibility and trust each other to find a schedule that fits our lives best. On occasion you’ll find us burning the midnight oil. But it’s more because we want to, not because we have to.

Compensation & benefits.

This is a full time exempt position with an expected salary of $225,000+/year. We offer a comprehensive benefits package that spans medical, financial, and quality of life benefits. Think medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401K with company match, a flexible schedule and paid time off policy, paid vacations, the tools you’ll need to be successful, and the flexibility you’ll need to put your health and family first.

:us: This position is open to US-based applicants only.

:rainbow_flag: Kamana is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, physical or mental handicaps or disabilities, marital status, Veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity nor any other basis that is prohibited by law or outside of the bounds of being a decent human.

Contact info and how to apply.



I think this is the highest salaried position we’ve seen on the forum - good luck to everyone who applies :023:


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@AstonJ It’s a really remarkable opportunity to impact the Healthcare industry when we need it the most. Plus you get to work with an awesome team. :grin: