Waffle library - how to map the url path to my heex template?

Who has used the waffle and waffle ecto library here??? I’m trying to use it for the file upload part of my project. I’m stucked as I don’t know how to map the url path to my heex template. There’s no clear example in the docs.

*do I need to perhaps write a controller for this or maybe some other things.
If there’s any project that have used this kindly point me to it.

I am using waffle and waffle ecto, but I also rolled my own library to manage file upload.

You don’t need a controller if the path of the file is served by plug static, but if not You can use a controller. That has the advantage to allow check access, and to store files wherever You want.

Something like…

  def get_thumbnail(conn, %{"page_id" => id} = params) do
    version =
      case params["version"] do
        nil ->

        version when version in ["large", "thumb", "mini"] ->

        _ ->

    case Core.get_event_by_permalink(id) do
      nil ->
        |> put_flash(:error, gettext("Event not found."))
        |> redirect(to: root_path(conn))

      %Event{} = event ->
        local_path = ThumbnailsUploader.local_path(event, version)
        check_and_send(conn, event, local_path, "image/png")

check_and_send is a custom function, a simpler example would be…

  def get_animated_gif(conn, %{"id" => id}) do
    event = Core.get_event!(id)

    if event.animated_gif do
      |> put_resp_content_type("image/gif")
      |> send_file(200, event.animated_gif)
      send_resp(conn, 404, "")

As long as You know the path to the real file… and the content_type.

I use FileInfo and ExImageInfo to check file validity, and extract some metadata.

Using waffle allows transformation of data, like resizing, or any ffmpeg transformation, You just have to be careful about timeout (and increase the value if You do complex transformation).

You also need to adapt if You use liveview, and build a fake Plug.Upload when consuming entries. It works.

Waffle ecto allows to integrate this with Ecto, including custom validations. It works well…

Sorry - if the question looks silly. Is there a way to integrate Waffle with LiveView?
I mean, the ecto integration, s3 integration etc. are baked into waffle. For the frontend, if we use LiveView - it may avoid a lot of boiler plate code.
Or am I talking rubbish?

s3 is already included in liveview I believe…

It’s a bit hand made, but it’s possible to use waffle with liveview. The trick is to transform fu entries as Plug.Upload, then it’s just a matter of passing this plug as a simple field value.

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External Uploads — Phoenix LiveView v0.16.3 - contains the S3 export procedure.
LiveUpload is beautiful. But, processing the file, transformation and then ecto integration for storing the filename are a lot of repetitive tasks. I was looking for a more a solution like https://shrinerb.com/ .
May be the abstraction appears out of code rather than design. Let us see.