Want to convert my object to two lists

I have an object like this
data = [%{UNIT: [5,6], UNIQUE_KEY: “1234” },%{ITEM: [a,b], YEAR:%{MONTH: [2019,2020]} , UNIQUE_KEY: “2345”},%{UNIQUE_KEY: “4567”, ITEM: [3,4], CODE: [101,102]}]

I want 2 arrays using elixir

arr_keywords = [ “UNIQUE_KEY”, “CODE”, “ITEM”, “YEAR”, “UNIT”] for headers in excel
arr = [ [ “1234”, “”, “”,"", [5,6] ] , [ “2345”, “”, [a,b], {MONTH: [2019,2020]}, “”], [ “4567”, [101,102], [3,4], “”,""]] for data in rows for their respective columns.
Please help me with creating these two arrays.
Unique_key is present in all objects. Other values may vary.
I want to convert this to excel ultimately where first column is unique key and rest columns are accordingly.

Please enclose code snippets in triple backticks (```) so that are readable for the people you’d like to help you.

What have you tried so far, and what results are you seeing?


Welcome to the Elixir forum.

In Elixir this is called a list, not an object. When you see square brackets [] you are seeing a list, and when you see this %{}, you are seeing a Map. So, here you have a List of Maps.

Elixir doesn’t have arrays, this is a list containing other lists.

What Elixir as more looking like Arrays, are maps, but they just look alike. You can learn more bout here:

Regarding your problem I second what was already said. Provide more details about what you have done so far.