Want to implement pagination for list of users with search and sort options

In one of my projects, I want to implement paging for a list of users. Also, I want to give some filter options like search by name or email please suggest how should I proceed?

I have seen hex doc URL:

but not getting how to do it. Is there any live demo or any shortcode snippet for it.

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For filtering results:

For pagination:

You can also use dynamic for sorting https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/dynamic-queries.html

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I also have this https://github.com/wolfiton/blog_api and i will add more to this in the future, it is for lerning purposes.

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I have reached to forum thread Rummage.Ecto - Searching, Sorting and Pagination in Ecto & Phoenix which is exactly I need in my project but when try to set the deps as suggested I am not able to install this module in my project.

Where can I get the settings to install in my project elixir 1.9.4 and Phoenix 1.4.11

Have you read this thread https://github.com/annkissam/rummage_phoenix/issues/68, if you do then a lot of users state that this library is not ready for phoenix 1.4.

Yes I have seen but it may possible that after the comment Author has updated the library. That’s why I have given the link of the thread