[warn] Ranch acceptor reducing accept rate: out of file descriptors


I have a phoenix api setup but i’ve been seeing Ranch acceptor error and im not sure if this is also causing the process to die out eventually. Is there a way to debug? Just want to ask if anyone else got this problem.I already extended the file descriptor on the ubuntu box and rebooted.

Thanks! =)

I got something similar Getting :emfile even thou ulimit is set and ERL_MAX_PORTS set to 65536

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http://ferd.github.io/recon/recon.html library is very useful for debugging these kind of errors. I usually start with the process that owns the resource which will give some hints about which library/module is leaking and debug from there.

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thanks guys! will have to try it out. sorry for the late response. I think i was pulled off to work on other things and havent gotten back to it.