Warning about missing value in ETS table

For some project reasons I converted my plane phoenix app into an umbrella project. Then I split up the web API and the web server in different applications and created a “proxy” app, that inits a web server and redirect requests for the corresponding Endpoint module.

However, I’m receiving this warning, but I don’t know what and where could be triggering it:

[warning] Header timestamp couldn't be fetched from ETS cache

What does it means actually? I think it probably something internal of phoenix?

My proxy app is really simple, in two files:


defmodule ProxyWeb.Endpoint do
  use Phoenix.Endpoint, otp_app: :proxy_web

  plug ProxyWeb.Router, %{
    api: PlataformaDigitalAPI.Endpoint,
    default: PlataformaDigital.Endpoint


defmodule ProxyWeb.Router do
  @behaviour Plug

  def init(routes), do: routes

  def call(conn, routes) do
    endpoint = forward_conn(conn.path_info, routes)
    endpoint.call(conn, endpoint.init(nil))

  defp forward_conn(["api" | _], %{api: endpoint}), do: endpoint
  defp forward_conn(_, %{default: endpoint}), do: endpoint

The complete project can be found at GitHub - peapescarte/pescarte-plataforma: Plataforma digital PEA PESCARTE

digging into the warning and printing all metadata, I discovered that this warning was being caused by bandit library! Although my lack of knowing about is struggling me…

Hi! Looks like this issue has been resolved / explained at Header timestamp couldn't be fetched from ETS cache · Issue #187 · mtrudel/bandit · GitHub?


Indeed! I forgot to answer here >_<