WARNING_README: Permission denied

Hi all,

when i try start my phoenix app in remote server i see error:

/home/test/www/releases/0.0.1/ex_press.sh: 335: /home/test/www/releases/0.0.1/ex_press.sh: cannot create /home/troinof/www/var/WARNING_README: Permission denied

How can I fix this?

Thanks for any help!

You should probably edit permissions on who can create new files in /home/troinof/www/var/.

Not sure why it is needed though.

I’m using freebsd and distillery for packaging releases and my /home/idiot folder doesn’t have anything related to elixir or erlang … I start the app in /usr/home/idiot/my_app if that helps.
Oh, and /usr/home/idiot/my_app/var contains WARNING_README file.

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