Was any one of your US Visa applications rejected?

I’ve had the bad luck of cancelling my CodeBeam SF plans because of this :frowning:
Any tips on improving the chances of a visa interview?


Aw that’s a shame - CodeBeam looks awesome too.

Did they give you any reasons?


Their standard 214(b) reason that, “you didn’t convince the immigration officer that you’ll come back to your home country”. I really was excited about Code Beam. I’ll try my luck next year :slight_smile:


I guess the main tip is to create what they call “strong reasons to get back home”, like buying a house, marrying someone, having a child, being in your job for a long time, this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:


I have a friend who got his visa rejected 5 times. After marrying an american girl he finally managed to get his visa. :joy:


It is hard to figure out exactly what gets in the way of a rejected VISA, but this is usually good advice. Prepare for the interview with “strong evidence” that you will not be staying longer than what is allowed; demonstrating your current and past employment, stating reasons of your VISA transaction (the invitation to code BEAM), an accompanying family.


You need to show the immigration officer things that you have at home that will prevent you from just staying here in the States.

A home? A car? A wife? Kids? Businesses?

The more the better. Also the older you are the easier it is to get approved for a visa.

My sister in law got grilled hard during her interview for a tourist visa. She went back home on the date of her planned trip. Second time she requested a visa it was instant.

Mother in law, older, a teacher for 20+ years, she got approved near instantly as well right off the bat.