Watching LiveView Socket Messages - where is the error message?

Morning All.

I’m playing aorund with LiveView and probably going down a rabbit hole I shouldn’t do :slight_smile: but what the heck it is a lazy Saturday morning.

Any how, I have a very simple form with a required field. As expected if I hit Save without entering any data I get a lovely error message (Can’t be blank). Out of curiousity I decided to watch the socket traffic expecting to see some kind of reply containing the text “Can’t be blank” but I can’t see anything.

I’m therefore curious to understand if LiveView performs some kind of optimisation with error messages. Does anyone know?

When you add «required» to a form element the browser will also assist in validation directly :slight_smile:

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Doh! of course. Thanks @mortenlund - I’ll carry on down the rabbit hole.

many thanks