Web Forum Software in Elixir / Phoenix

Whatever happened to Firestorm?


That’s quite an interesting site. It seems kind of slow on my end but that probably has more to do with the front end and the odd markup.

They actually have done a recent update to firestorm. Though I’m not sure where the updated Elixir repo is. It looks like they updated the system to be based on GraphQL along with an updated course on SmoothTerminal: https://www.smoothterminal.com/

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For what it’s worth, there is Zotonic. It isn’t Phoenix, but it is still on the BEAM. I have never used the project though, so I don’t really know which usecases it covers.

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This forum blew my mind) It has an unusual design. :scream:

It was loading for 30 seconds or more before it finally showed a rather spammy Asian forum with a ton of required JS. Am I missing something?