Web programming portfolio

So my experience is mainly embedded/robotics/Industrial low level coding.
Now I am thinking that I want to be cool as well and do more web dev. since I am enjoying Elixir/Phoenix as much as I am

If you would make a showcase page for potential customers what would you include_

I am thinking making some form of third party integration, a REST API , and some CRUD functionality.

What would you add to something like this and is it at all interesting to a future customer to do something like this ?

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The best thing to do is to put yourself in the shoes of your target market - what do you think they would like to see? Generally it will be what they might want themselves.

To make yourself stand out, you could try and make what’s in your portfolio better than what’s already out there. That could be more secure, faster, a better ux, or general design - ask yourself why a client might want to choose you over someone else? (And then look at the strengths that others offer, as what you offer will need to be more appealing).

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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When I was doing freelance I found that specializing helped get a lot more work than just advertising yourself as doing web development in general. A few examples: Salesforce development, e-commerce ERP integrations, prototypes for startups, etc. Also, of all the clients I had, exactly zero wanted to see some sort of portfolio. It was mainly me seeking out my first clients and then them referring me to other people.

If I were to start over I would try to find a mid-size dev shop and make a deal with them to take on any projects they consider too small for their shop and give them a referral fee.


Wonderful idea. I`ll be doing that.

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