We're moving towards a tags-based system

Yeah, If there is still a difference, its small enough for me to not see it anymore :wink:


Looks like Shalok is still on an old theme - should be ok in the latest version :023:

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Ah, you might want to annouce it ^-^

I would just like to say that I’m currently on the “Latest” theme and my forum looks like this:

I think this is great in therms of the tags. I can still easily read the thread list but can also read the tags if I want to.


As it seems I can not set the absinthe tag in the following thread:

During typing I do not get completion for absinthe but on each step I get a red background telling me I can create that tag as I have currently partially typed the word.

When I have finished typing absinthe I do see it as if it were a tag hint, but with a red background. Then I select it and save the post.

Then I can see the tag for some short time and then it vanishes and graphql remains to be the sole tag on the thread.

yeah, the outline/border-only tags works great, and keeps scanability/readability of the topics…

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I’m getting the same on my phone (not tested on desktop - you on phone or desktop?) I wonder if it’s because it’s in a tag group…

I did it on my desktop.

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Ok I’ve reported it as a bug :slight_smile:

Thanks both :023: We may experiment with it further but I agree that it’s the best version to date :slight_smile: I like Peter’s (@outlog) thoughts that it would be nice to add more purple too… but we’ll see how it goes :lol: