What are some good code bases or articles that demonstrate good elixir design using processes and concurrency

I’ve been reading a few books that give a good sense of the various levels of elixir, from the base language features, to creating modules, to testing, to introducing the concurrency primatives and OTP. I was hopeful with one such book “Designing Elixir Systems with OTP”. IT has a pretty opinionated and repeatable methodology for designing an application, but felt the actual example application they’re designing was a bit contrived and didn’t demonstrate why or when to do what with OTP as opposed to elixir.

I guess I’m looking for more information beyond the first few levels of the elixir language and into the OTP to figure out how to design an application I know will be communicating with other nodes and running various interacting processes.

IMO a good way would be to express a need that you might have and then we can try and give you an idea how it could be achieved with proper OTP parallelism?

Nothing beat the knowledge you accumulated through doing a real world application. You will have plenty of moments like “this sucks, There must be a better way to do it” → “Gosh, why I didn’t think of this in the beginning”.

So if you think you have the basics covered, just do the thing you always want to do. Break it down into steps, and aim low. Tutorials can only get you so far.


This is the best distributed architecture book I’ve read, regardless of language. Luckily, once you understand Elixir, it’s not hard to read Erlang