What are the disadvantages/cons of LiveView for building SaaS & AI applications?

A Phoenix newbie here, though I spent a significant amount of time learning Elixir & OTP. Like most of us, I am fascinated by the simplicity & power of LiveView. I plan on building SaaS Data analytics products using LiveView.

  • What are the disadvantages of LiveView, other than speed-of-light or distance related latency issues?
  • What specific types of web applications cannot OR should not be built with LiveView?

At the company I worked, most of applications requiring web interfaces, were built using liveview, some of them dated back to version 0.1 . In general I don’t see any limits with liveview, even when we talk about using some front-end libraries like maplibre-js.

Having said all of this, the biggest problem with the library itself is that it is still in 0.x stage, meaning that all new versions can potentially introduce breaking changes.