What are the most important milestones about the Elixir-Lang story❓

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I’m Carlo, if you are active on twitter maybe you have seen some of my graphic recordings of the Code Beam and other Elixir talks. Well, now I’m working on something new, and I need your help because I know that you have awesome contributions.

What are the most important milestones about Elixir? The first release? The mini documentary? The Phoenix Framework release? Let’s build our timeline! :rocket: I promise make something awesome :art:



Nice :slight_smile: I’d include Phoenix LiveView and NX releases as they widen Elixir user base.


In this spirit, I would also mention the Nerves project, broadening the use cases from cloud services to embedded devices.


You might get some good ones on the podcast episodes that Thinking Elixir are doing with Jose on the history of Elixir. They’ve only done one so far though.


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I’m still collecting many ideas from Twitter about this:

Feel free to comment any specific thing that you consider important for this :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s great to see you included the forum Carlo :smiley:

A little story in case you haven’t heard it… this tweet:

Was essentially what led to the creation of this forum :003:

Ryan probably doesn’t even know it, but his tweet got so many of us in the Ruby community excited about Elixir and Phoenix - I still remember how my excitement went into overdrive and how the Elixir thread on MetaRuby ended up becoming our biggest thread there :lol:

I’d definitely credit Ryan for instigating the first major mainstream hype-train (for everyday developers rather than the more advanced devs), and even though he may never have transitioned himself, so many things (like this forum and therefore so much that has stemmed from it) stem from what he said in that single 140 character tweet.

Positivity and excitement is infectious …you just never know where it might lead :023:


I would say:

  • First Elixir book published (I think it was Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas) but I am not too sure about which one was first (More research needed).
  • Milestone of 1.000 contributors to the Elixir programming language (Not sure if there are tools that keep track of this, It was mentioned in an Elixir Conference by James Fish)
  • In addition to the first commit, there is a long hiatus and then a lot of code changes, that is when Elixir was sort of rewritten and it is what we now know. You should include this one I guess. You can see this in the graphics in the GitHub repo.
  • The date that Plataformatec is aquihired by Nubank.
  • If you are going to include first commit of external projects, it should also include when 1.0.0 was released as well.
  • Add first commit of ExDoc.
  • Add first release of ExDoc with the design that we now nowadays.
  • Launch of Hex.pm
  • Launch of Hexdocs.pm
  • Milestones:

    • 10.000 commits
    • 1.000 Pull requests created
    • 5.000 Pull requests created
    • 1.000 Issues created
    • 4.000 Issues created
  • The Elixir Release which is announced that Elixir has reached a stable state, and it will not add any more significant issues (There is a conference keynote by José about this).

  • First Phoenix book released.

  • The dates when every member of the Elixir core team joined in.


  • First Elixir Conf
  • First Elixir Conf in each continent.

There was one of José’s keynotes at ElixirConf in which he talked about the history of Elixir and how it started as a prototypal OO language that would be good background research for this project.


First Elixir-only podcast: Elixir Fountain. June 9, 2015 https://adolfont.medium.com/titles-of-all-elixir-fountain-podcast-episodes-ad6e2d8d0133

José Valim thinks the birthday for Elixir should be May 24th, 2012 10 years(-ish) of Elixir - Dashbit Blog


July 21st, 2011: Probably the first time José Valim mentioned Elixir in a podcast episode (in Portuguese). Read Why did José Valim create Elixir? | by Adolfo Neto | Medium.

In that series of three episodes about Erlang, Valim explained how he discovered Erlang (it was by reading Bruce Tate’s Seven Languages in Seven Weeks) and why he decided to create Elixir.


October 7, 2013: Elixir With José Valim - Episode 019 of the Mostly Erlang podcast. Take a look at the panel: Bryan Hunter, Jose Valim, Simon St. Laurent, Robert Virding, Joe Armstrong, Fred Hebert and Eric Merit.


I think José solving Advent of Code in 2018 was an important event.


Prior to Elixir creation.

  • Creation of Erlang/OTP
  • First public release of Erlang/OTP
  • 1998 when Erlang/OTP is released as free software


  • Add timeline for Ecto library.

The creation of ElixirForum.
Phoenix 1.3 adding “contexts” and removing “models”.


I’d also include the release of the formatter, that had a huge impact on the Elixir writing experience.


I can easily say that I own 90% of my career to Ryan’s Railscasts + Michael Hartl’s book.

But if it wasnt for Erlang: The movie I would not have known http://chicagoboss.org/ and just after that Elixir


8 Jun, 2017 - first release of elixir Language Server


I will certainly mention this thread in our event 2022/05/24 - 10 years of Elixir - YouTube/Twitch - Events/Confs/Meet Ups / Events List - Elixir Programming Language Forum (elixirforum.com).