What are your Elixir plans for 2019?


I would like to actively contribute to a elixir open source library and publish my own librarys that are on my todo list.


I hope I will get to travel a bit for meet ups and conferences, and do some presentations about Elixir. I hope I will get to write a bit as well. So far I have gotten a talk about my MQTT client Tortoise accepted for ElixirConf EU, and I got a handful of talk proposals in review at various conferences in Northern America and in Europe.


My plans:

  • Read more elixir/erlang books
  • Write a new article about integrating protobufs with phoenix (the previous one is little outdated)
  • Release new major version of https://hex.pm/packages/mockery
  • Find a funny new project to contribute to

My plans are:

  • Keep working on my elixir blog
  • Develop a web app with elixir/Phoenix
  • Finish Elixir for Programmers
  • Finish Programming Elixir
  • Learn as much as I can
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Where is you elixir blog located ?

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Hopefully lots ahead for me :slight_smile:

  • Finally release benchee 1.0 (hopefully early-ish this year)
  • after :point_up: extract 3 libraries from benchee (gathering system data, statistics calculation and the unit handling)
  • Read at least the GraphQL, Ecto and Property Based testing books
  • practice and refine my skills regarding the above
  • give a talk at an Elixir related conference or a talk about Elixir at a non Elixir conference :slight_smile: (I’m terrible with missing CFP deadlines though)
  • maybe give an Elixir workshop
  • find a job where I can do Elixir when working back end code

you can find it at: https://productiveelixir.com/ :smiley:

  1. Reach a stable level on the whole CLDR family. Currently its at:

    • ex_cldr core: stable
    • ex_cldr_numbers: stable
    • ex_cldr_currencies: stable
    • ex_cldr_lists: stable
    • ex_cldr_units: stable
    • ex_cldr_collation: implement true configurable collators
    • ex_cldr_unicode: early days
    • ex_cldr_dates_times: need to get to 2.0 in the next couple of weeks
    • ex_cldr_messages: implements the ICU message format. Not started.
    • ex_cldr_calendars: Not yet started.
  2. Consider writing an e-book on developing applications for a global audience in Elixir

  3. Finish up some experimental projects:

    • ex_dns, an authoritative DNS and service discovery server
    • ex_cdn, a basic CDN server
    • vcard/vcalendar parsers
    • ex_smtp, an SMTP server which is focused on transactional email
  4. Launch an identity and consent service that commits to not sharing user data. Ever.

  5. Contribute to the development of Elixir


I have some.

  • Next week I will start to work developing software with Elixir as my main job. I’m pretty excited about that.
  • I’m currently reading beta version of Phoenix book, but I have others in my anti-library like property testing, GraphQL with absinthe and DDD made functional (not an Elixir book actually).
  • I’m developing an HTML game for fun and learn with Elixir/OTP and Phoenix Channels. A work in progress yet, but I will use it to write some posts on my blog.

I have really started to dislike C# for it’s object orientation, mutability, thread safety, overuse of generics, no official code formatter, it’s many ways of doing the same thing and It’s ability to take you towards spaghetti code quite easily when multiple people are working with same code base. So I just started learning Elixir partly to see how more maintainable and safe could functional language like it be. But I’m waiting for Phoenix LiveView and I’m going to make a demo project with it in my spare time that I’ll use to make company I work for take an interest in Elixir.

Company I work for is using C#/ASP.NET plus JavaScript and TypeScript in front end. I know there is Razor Components (Blazor server-side) coming in .NET Core 3.0 that is really similar to LiveView. But I’ll bet LiveView is more scalable because of BEAM.


So my:

  • connect our elixir systems with Kafka
  • use better elixir distributed technology
  • more testing in Elixir
  • more coding in Elixir (>4h/w)
  • hire at least 4 new elixir guys
  • launch our Bank
  • open our libs to be open-source
  • implement OTP architecture to some internal processes

Recreating existing REST APIs using GraphQL/Absinthe. They have a ton of related data so I think transitioning to GraphQL will be worth the effort.
Hopefully I’ll have time to dip my toes into Scenic/Nerves as well. :blush:

  • Get back up with this forum
  • Finish the MVP for my church app
  • Contribute a lot more for OSS projects
  • Maintain the projects I have created
  • Create new OSS libs for stuff I need at work
  • Organize 1 meetup/month in Curitiba

My plans for this year:

  • complete some Phoenix websites I’m working on
  • move my company website/blog to use Phoenix and write more about Elixir
  • get an Elixir day job
  • try to create some cool testing related site/app that shows the benefits of using Elixir, maybe using Scenic as one of the clients
  • would be nice to go to an Elixir conference

Am I going to get all of these done? Probably not :slight_smile:


I’m working on an app where the backend is written in Elixir. I want to maybe OpenSource it depending on the interest once the first version is released, but I try to keep it on the down low until I have something that is beta-worthy, as I tend to drop projects due to changes in interest. Which is also why I keep it mysterious here by not saying which kind of app it is either hehe.

But I’m doing well so far, and a prototype version is due this Saturday and I’m quite motivated to keep it going after. Since picking this project up I’ve gone deeper into certain libraries/frameworks and learned a lot about Ecto, Phoenix, Plug, Elixir logging and general Erlang related things. I have a kubernetes cluster hosting the app in 3 environments right now, which can scale up and down using peerage for discovery, and tonnes more.

So 2019 will be an exciting Elixir year for me :slight_smile:

The project is a serious one, but it is also my playground for testing Elixir related things, which I might then take into the workplace at which I’m employed as we use Phoenix there for the PubSub feature. This might also grow in terms of features, but it is unfortunately the only Elixir related thing I have responsibility for in production currently.


It’s not ready yet. Also it has a lot of weird things inside. But it just works on my local machine as I want :slightly_smiling_face:
And I think it may be called as my first 0.0.1 release of open source product https://github.com/Enapiuz/MessageRoute
Looking forward to make it more mature :rocket:


Hopefully I’m able to land an Elixir job. It hasn’t been so easy leaving Clojure after all the investment. I’m basically a noob again.

  • Finish my work on the mongodb driver
  • Finish porting some projects from Scala to Elixir
  • Try to get some colleagues excited about elixir and erlang
  • Maybe I’ll explain how to use the MongoDB successfully in Elixir programs
  • And of course I’m working on the killing app, which gives me honor and glory and lots of money (since 1984)
  • And praise me as full stack devops sensior everything and everywhere (know every framework, every database, every language, am 23 years and have worked for international global player for seven years. What I say is always right)