What are your personal programming goals for the next year?

Well, I do think these goals are kind of lame, but for the first time in my life I’m setting some. Here it goes:

  • Become part of the core team of a well known elixir open source project (does not need to be really big, so if someone needs help in anything, contact me!)
  • Contribute to open source once a week
  • Finish at least one of my abandoned projects

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Btw is this thread for anything or just programming related goals - if the latter we can move in to the general programming chat section :slight_smile:


Cool! I don’t know how I missed that post! :confused:

It can be just programming related goals! Renamed and moved! I was just wondering about not bothering everyone with it. :wink:

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  1. Release 2.0 of my service as it looks like it’s not going to make it this year…
  2. Convert all of my projects to use Distillery releases.
  3. Convert my blog from Phoenix to Plug.
  4. Do something with OCaml and BuckleScript.
  5. Arrange 1 or 2 Elixir meetups in my city.
  6. Continue my Nerves-Mnesia-RFID-etc project.
  1. Raxx 1.0
  2. Ace 1.0
  3. Experiment with a type system for actors.

How come?

  • Finish my damn thesis about app in Phoenix and Elixir (app is done, writing the thesis itself is so boring though)
  • Make at least on production app in Elixir at my company (or leave the company; no point in staying where I can’t grow in direction I want to)
  • Rewrite http://masterpasswordapp.com/ algorithm in Rust with a GTK frontend (not saying anyone has to use it, but I won’t to grow in rusts direction too, and it would also nicely fit my portfolio, i the point above will not be achieved)

Aside: I’m here in the danger of getting caught up in pop psychology (as this wouldn’t even apply to everybody) - but anyway:

Why You Shouldn’t Tell People About Your Goals (YouTube)


It doesn’t actually use any Phoenix features so it would be simpler with just Plug.


While I do agree with some little things he says on the article, like most people don’t give a crap about your goals, I do not agree with his conclusion.

An example: I’ve shared my goals here, and in 2 hours @AstonJ came giving me a hand to accomplish one of the goals. Most people still didn’t give a crap about them, but the ones that gave a crap really helped, and not just helped to make me accountable, actually helped to get the goal done!

I didn’t get too deep in the scientific article, but I wonder if the research the psychologists made are not influenced by the culture of the people being studied. But well, I really always doubt about the scientific side of psychology and human behaviour.


I’ve read similar articles before… and from my own experience think there is some element of truth in them (hence why I don’t give too much away about the SN I am planning). However I think I also read that sharing such lists can be good if used to hold each other accountable.

@kelvinst and @peerreynders maybe you guys can check up on everyone with your :079:'s every month or so to make sure everyone are working towards or fulfilling their goals as per this thread :lol:

(Though maybe not a whip, but something more encouraging :p)

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Just so you understand that it wasn’t directed at you personally, or even your OP.

With the developing parade of goals I felt it was a worthwhile issue to raise. Sometimes publicly announcing a goal can turn an otherwise rewarding goal into plain drudgery. An “accountability buddy” (who shares your values) is important to get you through those “oh what’s the point” phases (and “when is it ready - I NEED THIS NOW” nagging doesn’t count) and talking to people can often open new unexpected avenues.


No offense taken. Just sharing my opinion about this… And as I said (don’t know if I made me clear), is much more of a prejudgement I have about these researches than a strong opinion or something like that.

That’s actually a nice idea, maybe even a nice idea for an open source project. :wink: See, now I have one more project to get done! :lol:

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My current goal is to finish all the Elixir exercism exercises that seem worthwhile to complete. That will probably be the majority of them but I’ll have to see once I get further in. This is also to help my goal of switching completely to Spacemacs.


Do it!

Please keep on to me to…

  • Read at least one Phoenix book early next year
  • Start on our sister site by the middle of next year


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I love that question! I must confess that I haven’t given it a moment’s thought.

I’m working on teaching myself Elixir and Node, but I’m pretty much rudder-less (i.e. without any clear direction). To achieve something, I think you really need a clear goal with a realistic objective that can be achieved (despite what some bureaucrats might tell you).