What can I use so that Elixir and .net can communicate with each other? Rabbitmq?

Hi all

At my company, we are using .NET and I want to introduce elixir. I need a tool that elixir and .net can communicate with each other.
RabbitMQ on my though would be the right choice. Does anyone experience with RabbitMQ?


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Yes, RabbitMQ would definitely work or for that matter any other messaging queue. You could also go the route of building your elixir app as an http client.

When I have for example an object person, how can I send to the elixir app. Have I first to convert into json?

Yes, with RabbitMQ you can send any sort of binary data. Easiest way is to encode your data to JSON and then decode it in Elixir application.

There are also plenty of other binary protocols that you can use:

There are two ways to structure your app:

  1. Send all the information needed for it to work. To do this you need to send all the data in JSON or other formats.
  2. Send just an id and the action and let the elixir app talk to the database to get the necessary information.
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Thanks I will start with rabbitmq.