What do you think about the KnowThen's Elixir/Phoenix course?

Hi devs!
Want to know if anyone of you took this course, do you recommend it?
If not, do you have any other video well-structured courses?
I know the doc and books are great but I need to learn it fast and with real-life projects like the one in the course.)

Thank you.

I cannot speak for the course you have linked. However I can speak highly about courses by The Pragmatic Studio:

They even have a Course on Elixir, which I am grokking while I am typing this response.

The flow of concepts from one chapter to another is impeccable. Examples are great, and they share GitRepo as well, so we can follow along without issue.

P.S. They have free lessons on their site as well, so you can at least see how they teach before investing your money.


Thanks a lot, brother, I saw it but what I don’t like is that the course is too expensive and doesn’t contain talk about the Phoenix framework, i well check it again maybe i will change my mind about it.

It talks about the Phoenix Framework, specifically LiveView.

Let me link a full list of tutorials I posted some other day.


Here’s a free one:


Yeah in the pro bundle! thanks again this was really helpful