What does esbuild mean for my current applications using Webpack?

I have a few phoenix apps I work on now that are all using webpack. Some are single page apps (React, Vue) and others are light on the JS (sprinkles).

I’m not a fan of webpack but since it is easily Google-able I’ve accepted this tradeoff. If I run into any issues I know I can Google it and find the top 3 answers/examples and pick the one I’m most comfortable with.

I am not a frontend build expert (and honestly, I’d prefer to remain so focusing my time on writing product features). I have not had to touch the webpack code in any of the projects in at least a year (feels like much longer as I don’t even remember what it looks like :sweat_smile: :clap: ) . That’s pretty cool.

Does anyone know what a move to esbuild means from the perspective of:

  1. Will I need to migrate from webpack and how much pain will be involved in the process?
  2. If I don’t migrate the asset build infrastructure to esbuild will that be detrimental to any future upgrades of phoenix?

Thank you


You don’t have to migrate. The Phoenix framework knows nothing about webpack, esbuild, etc. It is just a couple files that exist in your generated app and nowhere else.