What does skip_hidden option do in Phoenix.HTML.inputs_for/4?

What is the expected output when I add skip_hidden: true option in inputs_for?

For example in this code:

<%= form_for @changeset, "/some_path", [as: :password], fn f -> %>
        <%= hidden_input f, :hashed_password_reset_token, value: @token %>
        <%= inputs_for f, :authorizations, [skip_hidden: true], fn po -> %>
          <%= input po, :password, "New Password" %>
          <%= input po, :password_confirmation, "Confirm New Password" %>
          <%= hidden_input po, :reset_password, value: true %>
        <% end %>
        <%= submit "Submit" %>
      <% end %>

I thought it will hide the reset_password field in the rendered HTML but it seems it still appears. And I also noticed that when there is a skip_hidden option it will omit the id from authorizations inside the password params.

I don’t get the use case, but here is the PR for more info. Hope it helps you.

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Hidden ids are generated by default by inputs_for and they are mostly useful when the User is editing the form. In order to proper update your changeset + nested children they must to be sent by the client.

This option skip_hidden is useful when you want more control on how those hidden ids will be generated. See the original issue:

That’s what this option is for. I guess if you don’t want to generate some input even though it’s hidden, you need to explicitly handle it with some condition.

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