What happened to the "GraphQL like" feature idea?

What happened to the idea of a GraphQL like feature that was mentioned in the following @chrismccord keynote?

Is it still planned for the future? Or you changed your mind for any reason?


We built it :slight_smile:


Specifically, my CTO and I had been interested in GraphQL for a while and this keynote prompted us to start looking at it further. A few months later we released Absinthe, and have been using GraphQL in production ever since.

At the moment this is still very API oriented.

However, we’re hard at work on Absinthe.Phoenix which includes a way to use the declarative structure of GraphQL with totally ordinary phoenix templates / views. This is probably closest to what Chris had in mind in this particular keynote.


Nice! That is what I was looking for, the Absinthe.Phoenix you mentioned, that allow me to use the GraphQL layer as the data layer for my server Phoenix.Views.

Do you have any idea of when will it be released?

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I came here to reply and was going to say exactly this :slight_smile: . I’m still interested in the proposed ideas, but I have prioritized the distributing tooling problems like presence, service discovery, etc over this. In the meantime @benwilson512 has been tackling a comprehensive GraphQL story with Phoenix integration and solving it extremely well. Watch Absinthe if you’re interested in this direction.