"What happens to your Mix configuration when you perform a release" blog post

Elixir comes packaged with a great build tool called Mix. As you start gearing up for production you will begin to explore creating releases with tools such as exrm and distillery. At this point it pays to be aware of what happens to your Mix configuration when you create a release. This blog posts explores exactly that: https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/from-elixir-mix-configuration-to-release-configuration-alchemy-101-part-2.html


This is great! Definitely a source of confusion for newcomers. I should note though that Distillery is now on version 1.1, and the output location of release files has changed (it’s now in _build/<env>/rel/... rather than rel/...), other than though, everything is on point :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to update it. :smiley:

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