What have you seen in Elixir that you didn't expect

…and was pleasantly surprised by?

In this Podcast: ThinkingElixir 100 - 10 Years of Elixir with José Valim José said he never imagined seeing something like Nerves but was so happy when he did - what have you seen in Elixir that you never imagined but got you super excited/pleased? :upside_down_face:


From a diff timeline:

Cluster of Satellites around Earth 919. They are part autonomous system created with Elixir/Rust.


I expect it’s running a Skynet in some alternate universe too @thelastinuit :lol:

Going back on topic, what @hugobarauna said in today’s Elixir Radar fits this topic well!

And here we are, stronger and in constant development. The community is vibrant and helpful. The ecosystem is growing and innovating in all sorts of different domains: web, embedded, data processing, media processing, numerical computing, machine learning, code notebooks, and more. Just… wow!

Btw Hugo, I was going to link to the issue but I think there’s a bug in Sendy - if I copy the URL of the issue after clicking on ‘show on web’ it shows the unsubscribe link at the bottom so this can’t be posted on public platforms as anyone can unsubscribe that user (in an incognito tab it shows the unsubscribe steps).


Hi @AstonJ , thanks for the quote! :raised_hands:

Maybe you can try this URL: Elixir Radar 336