What is the argument for learning Erlang if you can learn Elixir?

I’m thinking wether to invest time into Erlang to level up or just go deeper into Elixir.

Learning Erlang made me a better Elixir programmer, and it’s not like You need to learn a new language, just this page is enough to understand syntax difference…

Also You will find some libraries, or some docs only available in Erlang.

The way I learned the most was when I translated some Erlang source code to Elixir.

The first one I did was tetris, by Joe Armstrong :slight_smile:



I had a somewhat different experience. I focused on just Elixir but over time one will naturally meet and interact with Erlang code- but by then I had the basics down and reading code and docs in Erlang was trivial. Long story short, I don’t think that you should go out of your way to learn Erlang; instead the way will find you sooner or later