What is the best way to deploy apps for anonymous users with Livebook?

I want to deploy apps with Livebook, but I don’t want them to be able to see my code.

But in order for them to use the deployed apps, they need to know the password of Livebook, and then they can see my code.

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@nallwhy you can configure the app to be public or protect it with a password. Then users don’t need access to Livebook itself to access the app.


Thank you for the reply!

Does that mean I can set public for each app?

I couldn’t find how to configure the app to be public.

Below is the link of my app, but it requires password.


Livebook is deployed via fly.io.

If you open the notebook, in the app sidebar you can uncheck “Password-protected”. Then once you deploy the notebook as an app it is going to be publicly available.

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Oh, I see. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: