What should we do with the Elixters.com domain?

Hey all :039:

What do you think we should do with the Elixters.com domain?

I originally signed up the singular version of the domain as I thought it would be cool to use for some promotional videos/articles about Elixir (and that’s still on the cards)…


But I think the plural version of the domain would be great for some sort of community orientated initiative. The obvious one is a profile site, but I quite like the idea of a blogging platform as the name lends itself very nicely to sharing of cool ideas/tricks and I would love to see more people blog about Elixir (is it just me or people don’t seem to blog as much as they used to?)

Anyway, what do you think? Is it something worth doing?

A planet style blog would be awesome.

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What is a planet style blog like @voughtdq?

Actually it turns out there already is one! http://www.planeterlang.com/

I should’ve checked before posting :sweat_smile:

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Call me dumb but I have no idea what Elixter means. Is it some sort of a wordplay?


That looks pretty cool @voughtdq :smiley:

I was thinking along the lines of a blogging platform built in Phoenix that would be open source as well, perhaps with some unique features to make it stand out (such as being able to be used as a fully fledged publishing platform - that platforms like Kotaku etc might want to use). I actually suggested Discourse do it for their next project but I have no idea if they are/will.

@dimitarvp - yep, think of friendster (or hipster or gangster or even trickster, etc :lol:). Mainly friendster mixed with a bit of trickster - to help share tricks and tips etc :003:

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That would be really great. ^^

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We could create a site with developer profiles. We could add lots of integrations there and maybe even create some servers like GitLab.

Some longer time ago I had a profile for fun on page with flash games. On that page everyone was able to create a profile and each user page could be customized in lots of ways. There were lots of panels … users could add/remove them on their wish, change size, number of columns etc. Imagine this with lots of integrations …

Example panels:

  1. Most liked / last forum topics / replies
  2. Last commits
  3. Most liked / last issues/PR (GitLab integration)
  4. Most liked / last messages (Slack integration)
  5. Most liked groups / projects
  6. Job panel(s) (education, experience, human languages, programming languages)
  7. Books
  8. Hex packages publisher / owner (with filters support, for example: > 1.0.0 + exclude / only option + order like by name, most downloaded etc.)
  9. Most commented / liked / visited blog posts
  10. Social media support (for example most liked twits on Twitter)
  11. Custom panels (static with markdown support)


Some panels could be marked as private (like TODO list in markdown)

Same could go to main page. Every user would have some panels to customize like for example:

  1. Official Elixir channels
  2. Community (links to forum, discord, slack etc.)
  3. Conferences and Meetups
  4. Most active contributors (git)
  5. Help wanted (issues list)
  6. Most active projects
  7. Panels from user page

Later we could add some paid features:

  1. Upload custom CSS file (for profile page) and maybe some images (of course with some limits)
  2. Local override other users settings (same panels for all developers - useful for recruiters)
  3. Advanced developer search (also for recruiters)
  4. Paid issues
  5. Donations

and so on …

If you are looking for a developer to help then I’m going to be first applying to such job offer. :smiley: