What was the last piece of tech hardware you purchased?

Whether to use with something like Nerves or for your own set-up?

I’m building a Nerves powered Christmas light setup. this repo gives a list of all the things i bought for it.

… Okay i had quite a bit of those parts already.

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Oooo you just reminded me of another niche for Nerves idea I had!!! (I’ll go post it in the Nerves idea thread! :lol:)

Here’s Connor’s demo for anyone else interested:


One question: what will you be able to do with the lights?

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:man_shrugging: Control them from the kitchen? I have individual RGB control of each of the 100 LEDs. I haven’t got my tree yet, but they will be wrapped around the tree and i’m gonna make some different sequences of led dances. (you know like those things you get from a big box store, but they cost like 10 dollars)

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I wanna see the sequences you come up with!! :003:

I love the marrying of sight and sounds :lol:

(I used to be the kid in the clubs that was mesmerised by all the laser lights :043:)


Re the last piece of hardware I have bought myself, it’s a 1TB external SSD for TimeMachine backups:

The disk was on sale for £116 over Black Friday…