What would you like to create with Nerves?

So many interesting projects… I am not sure this is the right topic for posting this, but during the next few years I’d like to automate many things in my house and it seems nerves could be a good choice for that. A short list of things I want to automate and/or remote control :

  • lights (dimmer, redder light during the night. Auto light outside during the night if a person is there…)
  • camera that work only when movement is detected
  • water for the garden
  • music (select automatically which speaker(s) to activate depending on our position in the house. This will have to take into account the cable lengths in order to synchronise the sound)
  • food and water dispensers for animals.

I’ve never done any of that though, so if you have some nice thorough tutorials that could help I’ll be thankful.


Another idea for you all :lol:

Nerves Kitchen Hub

A smart hub (Nerves based) for dumb devices, like ovens, steamers, kettles even.

You connect to the smart hub via your app, and tell it to do things like turn on the kettle, switch off the oven, turn off the hob even!

There would need to be some sort of universal language for the dumb devices, accommodating commons such as on/off, up/down etc and then those devices talk to the hub. It would mean super cheap to manufacture and incorporate into kitchen appliances, and also takes the risk out of too may IoTs connected to the web as they are connected to the hub and not to the web (so can’t be hacked in any meaningful way).

Maybe I’ve had too much red wine :044:

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Regarding Elixir camera that tracks a movement:
Here is a small example for similar project.
You can also see the example of its work here: Elixir Smart Home - 047 Daemonize CCTV application and send Telegram notifications - YouTube

It does not use Nerves, but you can port it to some board if required.

I have also started to create Elixir Smart Home solution. Here is an Elixirforum thread for it. The project is in early stage now.


A thermostat would be cool. One that adjusts based on temperature, inside and outside.

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