What's the best ide/editor for elixir in 2021?

I’d suggest you also look at NeoVim. It’s upcoming 0.5 release has a builtin LSP server functionality, and it steps on tree-sitter. I keep trying to find a few dedicated calm hours to onboard myself with VIM in general and then move to NeoVim and I am sure I’ll get around to it soon because it looks like a much better experience than Spacemacs.


That’s why there is this: VSCodium


I will have to give it a try :smiley: Does it have the MacVim niceties? The nice thing about MacVim is that it is close to a standard Mac app, with the standard shortcuts etc, CMD C/V, A, S etc :blush:

Ah I keep forgetting that - thanks! ODL mentioned it on Devtalk a while back too.

I just downloaded it and it wants to connect to Vercel (as well as openvsx - which is expected):

(I will look into it more when I get 5 mins tho!)

vscode, it’s the only editor I ever used with Elixir.

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Do you have a link with your Neovim setup?

My vim configs (for nvim and vim) are a dog’s breakfast. The tmux config isn’t so bad. :slight_smile:

This might be the updater process: Connection to on startup · Issue #895 · VSCodium/vscodium · GitHub

I don’t do heave IDEs for Elixir since normally it is multilang project for me (elixir / python / js / whatever else).

I would say the best IDE really depends on what OS you’re working on. For Windows options (in my opinion) are limited, since it is just easier to run Elixir under WSL/WSL2, which leads you to VSCode + elixir-ls.

Hovewer my favourite editor is Sublime, VSCode tends to slow down with every release and I can’t stand slow working tools, it feels really unproductive.