When should live views be used?

Should the whole application be a live view?
Should live views only be used where they are absolutely necessary?

Where and how is the line drawn?

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Maybe, but in most cases I would say that no, not all of the application should be LV. For example if you have web app that require account then landing page, FAQ, Legal, etc. would be much better as a “Dead Views” as it will not need persistent WS connection to your server, and by that, save your resources, and as these may be cached on your CDN then it may make these almost “free” for your system.

Not really. You absolutely can use LV where it is not technically required for application to work. This will allow you to make some stuff easier.

There is no strict rule for that in my book. In most cases I would say that you should use LV where you want to have interactivity that requires server intervention, but “interactivity that requires server intervention” is quite broad and may often mean it is better to make LV even if the page by itself is static.