Where are Elixir source files placed when it is installed?


Apologies in advance if there is a topic already addressing this, but I haven’t been able to find anything related. Also, I am new to both Elixir and Erlang.

I would like to read/view source code of various Elixir modules and any examples. And have them locally for the version that is installed instead of reading it online on github. I do not want to setup an Elixir folder to modify anything
My local installation just has the binaries, i.e. /lib/elixir contains just the ebin folder.
There are no src or examples folder. The same is the case for other binaries under …/lib/elixir.
(To compare, I checked the Erlang installation and it contains the sources for the various libraries/modules.)

Could someone please point to how to have them as part of installing Elixir?
Or should I even expect to have them as part of the installation?
(Also, I did look at the github page, and it seems Elixir sources are in Erlang code.)

Thanks in advance,


None of the official installation methods does come with the sources except for the installation from source.

If you want to browse the elixir sources locally the easiest way is to clone the repository from Github.


@NobbZ, Thanks for answering.

Thought so, but wanted to check first if there is a way to get it as part of the install.
Well, I will download the sources.

Thanks again!