Where can I find bitwalker/elixir-socket repo or a replacement?

I am in the process of writing a toy Reverse Proxy to catch all sites I am blocking in the hosts file with the StevenBlack/hosts project, and I found the houli/http-proxy that fits really nice in what I want to achieve, but it’s 4 years since it’s last commit, and the Github dependency bitwalker/elixir-socket doesn’t exist anymore, at least it gives a 404 when trying to access the repository in the browser.

So my question is if anyone knows if has moved elsewhere or if I can find a similar alternative to the bitwalker/elixir-socket?

CC @bitwalker

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Well it turns out to be simpler then I expected…

I just need to replace:

{:socket, github: "bitwalker/elixir-socket"},


 {:socket, "~> 0.3"},

I should have tried Hex first :blush:


It looks like someone used a fork that I had for PRs as an actual dependency, glad you got it sorted though!