Where can I find more help?

Hi everyone,

What are some other sources where I can find some help like a chat room or discord for phoenix absinthe problems?

Thanks in advanced

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On elixir-lang.org, there is a sidebar with a “community” section, which has the following links:

Does this help?


Helps but I was looking for an absinthe specialized community.

In the slack there are #absinthe and absinthe-graphql channels, I’m not sure if there is anything similar in the discord, as I’ve only joined the slack.

Also https://absinthe-graphql.org/ (absinthes website according to hex) mentions only the forum and #absinthe-graphql as community.


Yes I was wondering if there are other places as well. maybe someone will come later and provide more options on this thread.

Thanks @NobbZ for the links

The Discord server also has an #absinthe channel. Though I guess the Slack channel is the most lively one.

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So does the following question get an answer on discord or slack:

Also if you are new to absinthe and have a project that is under MIT will the memebers offer asistance and guidance?

If they do i will join if not then it is no help for my cause.

Thanks in advanced

Well there is only one way to find out… I don’t think anyone is going to go and ask your question for you, and without asking it’s not possible to say if anyone knows an answer.

People on those channels are helpful but as it is all unpaid and people help others on their free time, there are no guarantees.


Thanks but that is not what i intended with my question.
I was trying to find out, if others ask questions like this and get an answer there.
Or if this kind of questions are permitted there.

But I will take the next step and see how the communities are on Discord and Slack.

Thanks @Nicd

The #absinthe tag is very popular here on the forum and Ben and many others are very active in helping people with Absinthe related queries - but you only posted the thread 8 hours ago and it’s the weekend. Sometimes some threads get an answer very quickly, sometimes some threads take longer as it could be a few days before someone with knowledge about that topic logs onto the forum or notices the thread.

Perhaps wait until the end of Monday and bump the thread saying something like the following? “Did anyone have any thoughts on this after? I’d really appreciate your input :blush:


Thanks for the ideas and suggestions regarding my thread really appreciated.

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