Where should I put the Phoenix project directory in WSL(Windows subsystem in linux)?

I have Erlang, elixir, nodejs, postgresql etc. installed in Ubuntu 18.04 WSL2 in Windows 10. Where should I place the Phoenix project directory ?

  • In ~/home/username/ directory in Ubuntu WSL ?

  • In a Windows directory ?

What would be the best option from a dev easyness point of view ?

If you want to develop in the WSL put it somewhere in ~. Though where exactly there massively depends on your sense of what a clean folder structure looks like. Personally I roughly follow ~/Projects/<language>/<project_name>.

If though you want to develop in windows, you need to follow the windows folder hirarchy conventions which I have no clue about. Also be aware of the fact, that then you probably need to install Erlang, Elixir, NodeJS on windows as well.

Though as far as I know, VScode supports some “edit on windows, run on WSL” feature, my coworker constantly talks about, but I have really no clue how to set it up, and if this works with the elixir toolings available.

Thanks for the advice. Yes I will be developing in the WSL. ~/Projects/<language>/<project_name> does look clean and easier to locate a project in the future :slight_smile: and also, VSCode when using the Remote WSL extension connects to my WSL Ubuntu so, “edit on windows, run on WSL” feature is quite pleasant as of now.