Where to find possible options for functions

Where can I find the possible options for different functions? I never see possible keys or explanation in the documentation – occasionally i’ll get lucky with someone using an option I need on this forum.

So, where can I find options for specific functions?

As an example HTTPoison.get() has an option stream_to: but I see that option nowhere in the documentation. How would you know this functionality is possible?

For your example, https://hexdocs.pm/httpoison/HTTPoison.html#get/3 refers you to https://hexdocs.pm/httpoison/HTTPoison.html#request/5 “for more detailed information” which under “options” links to https://hexdocs.pm/httpoison/HTTPoison.Request.html (which includes the :stream_to option).

Maybe you’ve just missed links in other cases?


yea that must’ve been the case. thanks!