Which code editor (or IDE) do you use?

I only learned the Alchemist.el shortcuts, otherwise I’ve set it up to work with vim shortcuts.


all the power to ya… tried exactly this and cannot get used to it… back to vim :wink:

Just noticed there is an Atom package for Elixir:


  • Autocomplete (Screenshots)
    • Lists modules, functions, variables, function params and module attributes available in the current scope.
    • Indicates the type of the module (Module, Struct, Protocol, Implementation or Exception)
    • Shows documentation summary for each module or function
    • Shows function specs
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
    • Indicates where the function was originally defined (for aliased and imported modules)
    • Smart snippets for functions: After |>, doesn’t write first parameter. After &, writes &function/arity
  • Go to definition
    • Jump to the definition of the module or function under the cursor
    • Erlang modules and functions also supported
    • Return from definition (to previous files/positions)
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
  • Go to Documentation View (Screenshots)
    • Shows documentation of the module or function under the cursor
    • Also shows specs, types and callbacks (when available)
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
  • Quoted Code view (Screenshots)
    • Convert selected text into its quoted form
    • Live pattern matching against quoted code
  • Expand Macro view (Screenshots)
    • Expands the selected macro. Shows expanded code using Expand Once, Expand and Expand All.
  • All features depending on aliases and imports are already supporting the new v1.2 notation.

Upcoming Features

  • Show information on hover
  • Go to definition of variables and module attributes
  • Auto install dependencies
  • Format ExSamples tables

Ok I think Spacemacs needs a dedicated thread so am going to start one as a linked topic :slight_smile:

after Adobe frittered away the potential of Brackets, I so wanted to like Atom… sadly I don’t :frowning: (coffeescript… why?)


I didn’t think anyone was still using that lol

At the moment - ST is enough. I’ve tried atom - meeh. Maybe vim, as i don’t like emacs. And afaik (have read about it somewhere) there’s a plugin for the jetbrain family - as they have a decent python ide, may be i’ll take a look at that one, too.

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The last time I tried the intellij plugin it was very limited in its
capabilities. Nearly no highlighting and also no completion.

I’m using Emacs + Alchemist.


Not sure how actively it’s being worked on. The last commit was a month ago. I had high hopes for it when I saw the video announcing it back in October. I have a great deal of 3> for IntelliJ.

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IIRC it was already labeled as v2.0. I can look again at the current
version when I’m back home.

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Atom in vim mode. The atom-elixir package is getting quite good as well. Plus we have that awesome ligature support.

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Spacemacs + Alchemist.


I’m a long time emacs user, so it with alchemist was an easy choice for me.


Loving Vim :smiley:


Spacemacs + Alchemist = awesome

Was once an emacs user for a year.
Later was vim user for around a year.
Now Spacemacs. Ohh yes, used sublime too.


People using Vim could you please point to what the best packages and resources to use it for Elixir (only used Vim like a couple of times to edit some files and would like to see what’s so good about it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Although this set-up is for Ruby, it should give you a pretty good starting point - I think you would only need to add Elixir support for it then…

Same lol


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Long time Vim user, but now using Spacemacs


ATOM Editor all the way!

The quality and amount of community made packages makes it a pleasure to use.