Which Erlang libraries do you use or are interested in?

And do you have any faves?

With decades under their belt, I bet there are loads of really cool or interesting Erlang libraries out there :003:


I currently use this one https://github.com/G-Corp/m3u8 it’s for working with playlist used for HLS streaming. It’s written in Erlang but works for Elixir as well.

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It’s a map reduce project built with erlang and it uses python script to run jobs iirc. It seems pretty neat. I’ve never used it though. Just stumbled across it a few years ago while I lurk around Erlang and read all things Erlang.

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  • OpenCensus (hehe)
  • poolboy
  • erlexec

These are the ones that I have used directly. But there is a lot of nice things built in OTP that are worth broader exposure in Elixir world.


There are probably others that I’m forgetting but these are what comes to mind.