Which files to keep secret

Which files should I keep out of version control? The Phoenix docs mention that config/prod.secret.exs should be kept out of version control. Are there any other files that should be secret? I see that config/config.exs has something called secret_key_base.

    config :hello, HelloWeb.Endpoint,
      url: [host: "localhost"],
      secret_key_base: "THRmdN3dKJW349XyBbPxv7XHS2PYtenG+r1ZT7AB3FzH7SPpoujSqkiIuPO5daNi",
     render_errors: [view: HelloWeb.ErrorView, accepts: ~w(html json)],

SHoudl that file also be secret?

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This secret_key_base is overwritten in config/prod.secret.exs in phoenix.