Which Oauth to use with phx.gen.auth in 2023/2024?

Hello @rsmrsm @mmeyerlein @sodapopcan @AMBasra @asrocha and others.

I see this topic is a popular source of confusion and started to write a guide on Phoenix auth with phx.gen.auth and external providers.
So far I’ve written two parts, start here: Poenix auth in 2024

I think I also would want to write on token revocation issues discussed above, and perhaps about multi-tenancy (I’d love to hear how you envision it though @asrocha )

I will be happy if you give me some feedback on the guild - best via a private message. I write technical doc, but not guides usually, I am not sure if I have balanced well how basic it is. It was fun to write though and I hope you find it useful!

(the text may have typos – sorry – but I have already a fatigue from looking at it and probably am missing them. Will re-read it again after a break!)

All best,



Sure thing.
I will surely give you feedback after playing with it.