Which topic should I cover in a 2hr online training in Phoenix

I am planning to give a 2hr online training in Phoenix in the coming month. I have two topics in mind.

  1. Introduction to Phoenix for Rails developer
  2. Rebuilding a mini-version of Phoenix from scratch

Obviously, the first one is basic and I don’t expect the participant to have prior experience with Phoenix. While the second one is for participants who have worked with Phoenix and want to understand how the internals of Phoenix work.

I am taking in 16 people per session. Date and timing to be decided.

Vote here: https://twitter.com/shankardevy/status/990987064450605056


Thank you for everyone who has voted. The first online class on rebuilding Phoenix will be on 15th May, 2018. Considering 16:00 GMT on 15th May (http://everytimezone.com/#2018-5-15,240 ). This session is free or pay what you want. Limited to 16 people. PM to register.

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